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Settlement Abroad
Migration is an important decision that merits deep introspection.Once you have decided to jump on to the bandwagon,which is when we enter the picture.The immigration process is complex and lengthy and thus the help of an expert always comes handy. We at ASK HARGEE INC. make your job easy with our experience and expertise, molded and perfected over years of guiding students and professionals alike. Our professional team has a member of ICCRC to assist you with the file preparation.

Even aminor technical mistake in your application may cost you dearly in terms of time, money,denial of immigration to you and /or your near and dear ones.We have a reputation to provide efficient service for Immigration to the Canadian and prospective immigrants with our office in Toronto GTA and location in India.

We specialize in the field of Immigration to Canada in Work Permit, Student Permit,and cater to Investors, Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed, Skilled Workers, and Family Class Categories.

More than 150,000 foreign students come to Canada every year.Canada wants them to stay here as qualified professional and workers to contribute to the economic betterment of this country. Canada is faced with an ageing population, and relatively low birth rate. There are skills shortages now in health,social and community service,transportation,construction,manufacturing,education, mining and many other fields.

To strengthen the workforce,the Government of Canada has created a new way to Immigrate:CANADIAN EXPERIENCE CLASS (CEC).This class attracts the best and brightest students from around the globe and makes it easier for them to stay in Canada.The acceptance rate for students coming to study at a group of Canadian Colleges has doubled,thanks to joint pilot project called STUDENT PARTNERS PROGRAM (SPP)."The SPP has resulted in an increase in the number of Indian students on our college campuses" said Minister of multiculturalism and immigration Jason Kenney."This type of program benefits both our country and those who participate in it.", he further added, when all is said and done,these graduates may remain in Canada and apply to immigrate under the Canada Experience Class.They would make Canada their home and continue to contribute to our social and economic fabric. Canada's network of community colleges offers many outstanding programs to train young CANADIAN and their counterparts from around the world for the opportunities of today's economy. The Government of Canada will continue to look at ways to encourage international students to study in Canada.
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